LG iPecs iCall Suite

Introducing iCall Suite


Gives managers complete visibility of call traffic and call costs for single or multiple sites, with the ability to charge costs to different individuals, departments or clients. Primary call statistics can be displayed on a wallboard or PC monitor.

Why analyse call activity?

  • Maximise the return on your telecoms investment
  • Improve customer service, helping you to retain customers
  • Increase revenue by monitoring and improving your business performance
  • Improve call handling techniques
  • Detect telephone fraud early
  • Reduce communications costs

iCall Suite for Cloud


What are the benefits of using iCall Suite for Cloud?

  • Monitor all call statistics

  • Quick access via any device

  • Call analytics

  • Accessible from any browser

  • Export and email

  • Mobile-optimised


COMING SOON! iCall Hybrid


iCall Hybrid will be available for iPECS UCP, vUCP and eMG80. Leveraging the power of Cloud to store and manage all call data from a UCP, vUCP or eMG80, iCall Hybrid represents a huge leap forward for on-premise call management solutions and a simpler, more streamlined and faster way to deploy these solutions to your customers.

Product overview:

  • With a few small exceptions, all current iCall functions are supported by iCall Hybrid

  • Mixture of upfront and monthly recurring charges

  • Faster, simpler deployment to customers

  • Essential, Advanced and Ultimate options available

  • Data collection and processing managed in the Cloud


Ericsson-LG UCS and iCall Video Case Study



One Stop Promotions are a leading UK supplier of promotional merchandise and custom printed gifts. With thousands of products, alongside a worldwide sourcing network, 30 staff work throughout the warehouse and office.

  • iCall has facilitated access to real-time and historical call data, and securely recorded telephone calls giving managers greater call visibility and call monitoring that’s driving staff efficiency and customer service

  • UCS desktop application at every work station has enabled staff to easily collaborate both onsite and across branches

  • Significant improvement in business efficiency through dedicated hunt groups with customers easily being directed to the best skilled person

  • Voicemail to email enables staff to quickly return missed calls to ensure no loss of business; this can be monitored by management

  • Remote handsets have enabled internationally based employees to access the benefits of the solution

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